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Your name is Aknera Maredi, and wow you can be quite the meddlesome little creature.
You enjoy walking the high wire (or pretending to, when one isn't readily available), attempting to insult lowbloods (which you admit you're rather bad at, though you use slurs often), receiving wisdom from your superiors and adults, and playing with wigglers that get along with you. You also like to try juggling while riding a unicycle, but you're not very good at that yet because your feet do not reach the pedals.
Clowns of a grim persuasion which may not be in full control of their mental faculties also strike your fancy. You follow a religion, which is frowned upon in more common lawnrings, based on them.
[Headcanons are usually put into the tags and followed with #//unneeded exposition]

EYo Yellowblood.

YOu Was gonna tell mee about humans, REemember? :oy

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